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Welcome To Our Test The Waters Campaign

Testing the Waters is a pre-investment phase designed to gather feedback and interest before formally launching an offering.  No funds can be accepted during the TTW phase.  After reviewing this opportunity, if any investors are interested we encourage them to submit a “pledge”.  Pledges are non-binding indications of interest; meaning the amount pledged does not have to be submitted or can be raised or lowered once the funding round opens.

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Current Interests
$10,000 - $25,000

Test the Waters
Issue Type:
Accredited Only:
Reviewed Financials:
Price per Unit:
Minimum Investment:
Minimum Goal:
Target Goal:
Planned Launch Date:
November 17th, 2023

We invite you to indicate your interest to invest in our original intellectual property which will generate revenue while refining the perspective of young audiences.

MY GOLDEN BLOOD is exciting entertainment which will be consumed by a Young Adult audience on every platform where they currently live. Our engaging storylines can help YAs figure out who they are, how to navigate their own complex world, and empower them to define who they want to become. 

Join us! Limited opportunities will be available for early investors.

STEP ONE will introduce the characters and storylines inside the uniquely chaotic, dystopian world of MY GOLDEN BLOOD. 

STEP TWO and STEP THREE will greenlight lucrative distribution opportunities for our original Intellectual Property including TV, AR/VR, gaming, marketing sponsorships, and feature film.

Let's start at the beginning. What is Golden Blood?

Blood types; A, B, O, and AB, almost always have a positive (+) or negative (-) identifier, yet the blood type of one who possesses Golden Blood does not have either, and it is so rare that even a small test tube is highly sought after for medical research with a monetary value far greater than gold. To date, Rhnull blood has only been discovered in approximately 100 people worldwide. 

Why does Golden Blood matter?

Our young protagonists were born with it and have found that it is both a blessing and a curse.

Our antagonist doesn't have it, desperately needs it, and is on track to control the world through it.


What problem are you trying to solve and for who?

MY GOLDEN BLOOD is our original Young Adult remarkably relatable, exciting book to TV series that addresses; courage, changing perspectives, fear, gratitude, compassion, anxiety, redemption, vengeance, genuine freedom from oppression, and how love and generosity change us for the better.

THINK: Stranger Things with a purpose.

Our sales agent in Hollywood will connect with her network to license our Intellectual Property for distribution. 

Our fantastic marketing team is gearing up to negotiate lucrative marketing and product distribution deals in multiple venues.

With your investment, we'll produce our multi-platform proof of concept. Feel free to exercise your bragging rights once you join us.

Why is this problem important to you?

We will uplift, entertain, and save lives with our exciting multi-platform book to TV series. Save lives? Yes. Noah and I believe that by DOING GOOD, our company, investors, and partners will all DO WELL. 

As we build the My Golden Blood community, we'll encourage our audience (16-30 year olds) to become urgently needed blood donors.  Currently our target demographic represents the smallest percent of donors, according to the American Red Cross. Human blood cannot be created in a lab and cannot be stored indefinitely, thus, qualified blood donations must be regularly provided by able bodied participants.

Side benefits for donating blood -- besides the SWAG, special events, and sweet treats that we'll provide. When young adults become blood donors, they tend to find a beautiful value in themselves because their selfless gift saves 3 lives. They can become a genuine hero and learn their blood type. Maybe one of us has Golden Blood?!

The Opportunity

What competition do you have and why are they not addressing the problem effectively now?

Forever grateful to successful creatives and producers who effectively deliver some of the following to leverage Intellectual Property to a similar audience.

We are inspired by:

  • Graphic artists and publishers that turn non-readers into loyal fans of the world they are evolving
  • A diverse audience unites to become a loyal community supporting ALL heroic action

We are so proud of our A List team who will be executing on all of our creative plans for successful relationships.  

Our passion for doing well by doing good and providing great entertainment in a way that has never been packaged before with a message that changes the world, we are confident that we have no competition. And we'll do all of the above under the MY GOLDEN BLOOD banner.

If you execute successfully, how big is the revenue opportunity for the addressable market you serve?

How big? 

$500B in 2023.

Domestically, entertainment companies and distribution platforms plan to spend upwards of $250B to produce and distribute original content in 2023. 

Brands will spend approximately the same amount of money to market their products via the entertainment industry. We are presenting investors and partners with an opportunity for an exciting ROI because MY GOLDEN BLOOD offers multiple revenue streams at the moment when the market is seeking exactly this sort of original content for multi-platform distribution.

What's your plan to grab a meaningful share of the market?

An exciting, unique story, well-delivered, with:

  1. Relatable characters portrayed by highly regarded actors and actresses
  2. OMG situations and SFX
  3. Action!
  4. Current events with dystopian tilt
  5. Create a diverse and supportive fan base that recognizes what GOOD really is
  6. Marketing partners and cross promotion opportunities
  7. Running total of how many lives are being saved by our community's effort to increase blood donations
  8. SWAG, visits to the set prizes, social media contests for qualified blood donations as the entry
  9. Innovative gaming opportunities
  10. All wrapped in a love story that kicks ass

The Solution

What do you or will you do to solve this problem?

Original, compelling, and expertly produced story on multiple platforms and a community of fans and followers who resonate with our motto that GIVING is the best way to RECEIVE.

We've secured a marketing team that will pursue lucrative brand co-marketing partnerships because for this demographic, cross promotion opportunities are abundant. They have connections at the highest levels with food and beverage, clothing, outerwear, shoes/boots, vehicles, retail, and many other potential branding partners. We offer branding partners the usual product placement in the series, plus:

  1. Sponsored tally of how many lives are being saved by the blood donations from our community
  2. Co-branded SWAG, invitations to visit the filming set, and social media contests where qualified blood donations are the entry ticket
  3. Innovative gaming opportunities in undisclosed locations
  4. Meet ups and group activities to promote our mission.

How do you make money?

The important question is how do our investors and branding partners make money?

We'll be negotiating several concurrent licenses for distribution of the TV series, gaming rights, and use of Intellectual Property out of the MGB World that translates to multiple revenue streams for a high consuming demographic.


Major Business Highights

  1. April 2019: Now What Studios first short film, R4CH43L, was awarded a REMI at WORLDFEST HOUSTON INTERNATIONAL FILM FESTIVAL. Founding partner, Noah Bewley, wrote/directed this film that won an award at this  prestigious festival - his first - at a considerably younger age than Academy Award winning producers/directors Steven Spielberg and Ridley Scott won their first award ever at WORLDFEST HOUSTON.
  2. July 2019: Completion of the first novel in the MY GOLDEN BLOOD series, CROSSING TO EXISTENCE.
  3. September 2021: Well connected and marketing savvy former Senior Vice President of Twentieth Century Fox and NBC Peacock, Rio Cyrus, accepts the role of Sales Agent/Producer.
  4. October 2022: Valentina Caniglia, Cannes Film Festival 2022 award winning cinematographer and director, committed to serve as our Director for this proof of concept.

Testimonials / PR Validation

"Let me be the first to tell you that MY GOLDEN BLOOD will blow your mind!" ~ A list producer 

"I think the big idea is great. I love the story." - Chip MacGregor, Literary Agent

"MY GOLDEN BLOOD is an original story with a clear view of mistakes made by humanity. This eerily accurate fable born out of a pandemic explores the toll on society and an unprecedented level of shared suffering. If this exact story sounds familiar, it’s not. We cannot wait for everyone to watch, read, and play MY GOLDEN BLOOD”. ~Rio Cyrus, Producer/Sales Agent, and former Sr. VP Twentieth Century Fox Studios & Sr. VP of NBC Peacock

"The consumer brands which we work with on a daily basis are hungry for a new and unique way to engage with this audience. Intellectual Property, like THIS, reaches the young adult audience by utilizing multiple platforms to deliver a variety of entertaining and inspiring content. MY GOLDEN BLOOD series blends pain, shared fear, insecurities, and triumphs just when today’s YA audience demands more than a good story. THIS is a hot property and we're excited to be involved." ~ Mary Beth Aamot - CEO Jog Marketing

"Engaged audiences are clamoring for a new storyline that aligns with the dizzying pace of today’s technology and incredible medical advances, but still connects to the timeless narrative of transitioning from youth to adulthood. This project is a solid investment of my time and money." - Investor (wishes to remain anonymous)  

“People who donate blood and engage in their community in this way tend to have better health and longer lives.” Sarah Vossoughi, MD, Columbia University

How much was raised previously and from who?

Self funded and unencumbered. Now What Studios LLC owns 100% of the IP in MY GOLDEN BLOOD.

Wendy Weiner Runge: Cash and services in kind.

Noah Bewley: Cash and services in kind.


Describe how you have the right team to pull this off and why.

"A poet needs a pen, a painter a brush, and a director an army." Orson Welles

  • Rio Cyrus, Former Senior Vice President of Twentieth Century Fox and NBC Peacock is our Producer and Sales Agent.
  • Multiple award-winning cinematographer and Director, Valentina Caniglia, will serve as Director for proof of concept.
  • Brilliant Craig Williams serves as our Creative Director. Craig serves on Now What Studios board of directors. 
  • Mary Beth Aamot and the Jog Marketing team have crafted successful entertainment and product deals for 20+ years.
  • The Illinois Film Office is assisting us to maximize financial incentives offered by the State. 
  • Jeffrey O'Brien, of Chestnut Cambronne PA, is our highly regarded entertainment and securities attorney.
  • Chuck Selcer, Managing Partner of and guest Professor at Loyola Marymount University, has extensive experience in Film Accounting because his son, Jared, is a successful film & TV producer and graduate of LMU.
  • Daniel John Harris and Noah Bewley have co-written a killer script for the graphic novel and proof of concept.
  • Russ Johns, founder of the Pirate Syndicate, and Jason Liebowitz founder of are the best community builders in the business. They will bring all of their pirate regalia to build a thriving community of YA who have a heart of GOLD.

Strategic Plan

Describe the intended Use of Funds

STEP ONE: We will produce a graphic novel from the storyboard for the extended proof of concept. This manuscript features embedded QR codes that jump to life on a smartphone, where our audience will experience 30 second 3D motion capture animation videos of the scenes as they are described in the novel. Imagine when a series of gamified videos are seamlessly inserted in the ebook options!

We'll build our community with the invitation-only opportunity to enjoy MGB theme content and contests for SWAG on

STEP TWO: In addition to the aforementioned full color graphic novel, we will produce a powerful promo to open the door to the world of MY GOLDEN BLOOD. The actors who will be cast in the live action will also be filmed in a motion capture animation studio for the elaborate scenes which will appear via QR code in the novel.

We'll fully develop our community and invite a few lucky members to join us on set! 

STEP THREE: We deliver the graphic novel PLUS we'll deliver a live action short film approximately 12-14 minutes in length to  blow open the door to the explosive world of MY GOLDEN BLOOD. 

We'll launch the community and empower our audience to become blood donors. This will earn them SWAG and special prizes, as they enjoy exclusive MGB themed content and contests.

We'll complete the second novel in the MGB series, Collecting the Hidden and further develop the third novel, Ceasing the Darkness.

When will you achieve Break-Even?

We are going to break even/begin to show a profit when our team negotiates the distribution deals and brand partnerships, as mentioned above. There will be revenue streams for up to 15 years, as is standard in successful entertainment endeavors.

How do you intend to provide investors with a return on their investment? 

We are going to break even and show a profit when our team negotiates the distribution and brand partnership deals, as mentioned above. At that time our accredited investors will have the opportunity to cash out with their ROI or accept an increase in their ROI and stay with the project. Non-accredited lenders will receive their investment and interest, with a % of the revenue from the project for anywhere between 2-5 years, depending on their initial investment level.

Minimum investment is $1k

The first TEN $5k level investors receive a first edition copy of Crossing To Existence, the 1st novel in the MY GOLDEN BLOOD series, signed by the authors. 

The first TEN $10k investors receive a MY GOLDEN BLOOD hooded sweatshirt with original artwork and a signed copy of Crossing To Existence.

The first TEN $25k investors will receive all of the above plus an invitation to join our cast and crew as a guest for a day on the film set. Dates and locations are TBD.

The first FIVE $50k investors will receive all of the above plus a walk-on role IN THIS SHORT FILM for a minimum of one member of the family. Dates and locations are TBD.

The first TWO $100k investors will receive all of the above PLUS a Co-Executive Producer credit in this proof of concept package. This entitles significant investors to doubly benefit from the revenue generated from the intellectual property -- both as investor AND as an Executive Producer. 

Minimum Goal: $150,000 At this level we will produce sample storyboards from the script which will become our first graphic novel. These pages will be delivered complete with a 3D MoCap animation scene that seamlessly matches the action and the artwork of the live action actors and SFX.

Target Goal: $400,000  At this budget level we will produce an explosive short film (approximately 12 minutes in length) for use as a Proof of Concept for our intellectual property. We'll complete the graphic novel based on the storyboards used in producing the film, and include the integrated animation INSIDE.

WOW! This is so COOL Goal: $613,000  All of the above PLUS we will introduce gamification into the Novel through our original 3D Motion Capture animation videos through our innovative "Read it - Watch it - Play it" system.  



Disclosure: this page represents Testing The Waters materials.

  1. No funds or other consideration is being solicited, and if money is sent, it will not be accepted by the company; 
  2. No sales will be performed or commitments to purchase accepted until the offering statement is qualified; and
  3. A proposed purchaser’s indication of interest is non-binding.


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